News Trading


How you can trade news. So by news what I mean is not fun to main Northville fundamental analysis. I'm talking about news releases with the market usually sees a pretty big spot musically says loc federal funds rate which happened two days ago.

For me, that just came out and if you look at the chart, you can see this is where the news release was a lot of people ask how do you catch that spot? So do you interact with the news that gets released you enter before? What are you doing? Sorry, there are multiple ways. You can do this and you just need to be able to understand the risk and reward of each of the ways that you can go back to search. The first way would be to apply to enter before the news even comes back to the potential risk.

How we can get Start

Is as soon as that news release comes on your spread opens up. They can be slippage the candle or complications when entering before or during the music man, as it gets released entering like that. You'll usually experience luggage and a big the problem could actually be resolved or you could have a saddle in and it's a this list type of spark didn't even happen to the table saw and it said just you had to sell any good. Fell down what can happen if maybe you had a cell and you had your stop-loss, Kevin, what you don't understand is as soon as that news gets released the spread can open up so much that the spread takes your stop loss during the process when you like a guy that just because then and spray it opens up you can get a stop loss and I've seen it happen before so you can answer before the news, but that definitely wouldn't be my strength.

Safe money management :

Recommendation station if you're a beginner, if you're more advanced and you brought money to use that you're not necessarily worried about you can't read the news before and then you go to understand the risks involved in that you can use money. So what I'm saying is you're going to do that method of entering before the news comes out all the good with money that you can afford to lose.

What's the best the way that I think to trade the news Fox would actually be to do some technical analysis on the chart before the news comes up and then have an idea of what you're going to do how you're going to execute a trade. If a certain something happens with the news of resolvable. This was an interest rate decision and they were expecting it to stay at the exact same no change whatsoever. So if there was a change resulting in negative change, you know the doll that is going to sell off big time if he's a positive change.

Why it is better as technical analysis:-

United all is going to end it's going to ready. So what happens when it stays the same as you usually a positive and stay the same especially if they expected to Surf expected to stay the same in a dice usually that is positive but then what can happen is lochia you get this big spot, but this is why I say you do your technicals beforehand and then you'll know what you catch that brings Uncle this was how I had to take Nichols on this chart before the music come on. I place this train line on the topic and see that process is moving to the downside. I'm done. I've done the appropriate way of causing a whole nother story and if you want to learn more about that and how we actually trade the market is a link in the description below where you can learn exactly how we trade him how you can apply your own way of trading to the markets.


So check that out down below in the description. But with regard to this, I'd done the wave causing hablando technicals. I kind of knew what I'd be looking for. I didn't type. I didn't take a trade on these news events. But with that being said as you can see the process right here, and then as the news that happened Prosper Spock to the upside through the trend line and then started rejecting as soon as that starts rejecting. That's when you can start taking a salt position, you know, you looking for dollar strength because it stays the same.