Meta Trader-4

Meta trader 4 is a desktop and mobile application that is using for making trade and chart analysis you can log in to it by using your broker username and password. Here I will show you how can this work

So when you guys first open the app, this is what pops up. We have all of our currency pairs. So if you guys are ever trading and there's not a currency pair that you're looking for up here. You can go right here to the plus sign click on Forex and you can add it some currency pairs might not be there. It's all dependent upon your broker, but that doesn't really matter guys. Most current repairs are all going to be on here. So how do you actually start trading? Well, we have a couple of different pages on here. We have quotes. Like I mentioned the second ago, we have are chart page or we can look at any chart that we like. So let's say we're going to go look at USD JPY eating all right here neither click trade chart for details. So let's say we want to look at the chart before looking at a chart.

Over here on the left side. We have our time frame so you can change it to a minute one. Maybe you want to look at a shorter time frame where you can change it all the way to munch one so you can look at a higher time frame. So what are these candles actually indicate? So we're looking at the monthly chart each one of these candlesticks actually represents the last month or the current month so you can see right now on this current candle right here.

So let's say that we want to actually trade that pair. So if you want to trade it, you can go right here you could trade and then when you go into every trade, they'll have a lot size up here. So when you guys are trading you want to be risking 5% of your account, so let's change the lot size 0.01. So that's the law size. That is a micro lot. What says we wanted to do a mini lot. So many lots would be $0.10 and then a standard lot would be 1.00. That's a dollar lot. So whenever you're going to trade you're going to change the law size whatever applies to your account. Like I said risk 5% of your account and then when you are going into a trade, you can actually modify your stop-loss. You can put a stop loss and take profit a deviation is a time. I usually don't set that because I can be in a tray for an hour. I can be in a trade for a week. So I usually ignore the deviation but when you are going into a trade

But when you're in the trade that stop loss is always going to remain the same so wouldn't trade goes in a prophet like this one does what you can do is actually, modifier stops off.

I'm going to look at where I enter the trade. I'm obviously going to look at a lower time frame so I can see the exact price so you can see that I enter this trade at let's see the exact price we enter so we sold this USD CAD meaning that we on the Valley of the cat to be stronger than the USD. So if we go right here, you can actually look to the left and right there tells us our entry and then it tells us our current price. So this trade is up 35 pits that are on a standard. Lots of what I could do as I can remember these numbers 1.29 to 1.29 to write back to put my softball is 1.21 points.

2.92 click modify down we go back to our chart page. So we put our stop loss to ensure that we have profited so that green line right there. That's our tree and then our stall place is right here. So if the trade is at the current price right here and it decides to reverse back up here, we're still going to make some money because we secured our profits right there. So that is throwing a stop loss of the trade does go down here. I can obviously tell my stopwatch down here. So I always want to make sure that I lock in my profit. This is something that a lot of fun experience Traders don't figure outdoor really differentiate you from them. So this is our current trade. So the cool thing about trading on the Forex Market is this is a Mark if it's open 5 days a week 24 hours a day. So it's a constantly fluctuating. There's a ton of movement. So what say I enter this trade yesterday, which I did and I'm cool with my profits. I woke up to 3.

Under $40. I want to close though. So what I could do is go right if your hold it down put clothes and then close with prophets. I'm obviously not going to close it because I have my stop lost Trail right here. So I'm going to hold it and see what happens on this page. This is our history page. I obviously haven't closed or done many trades lately if there were traces of clothes you would see him and they would appear here. So that's about it guys.