Master in FX Trading 3 Major Tips

1. Focus on one pair Max to Paris

This is huge because a lot of people try to focus on all types of pears. They try to focus on gold. They try to focus on Commodities and normal Pairs and Currency Pairs and all that but they don't understand that they're all over the place. Each pair has its own story right story meaning each pair like moves differently each pair Pinot moved at different times understand that if you're Trading,

All types of pears, right you're going to fail because like you're not going to have your mind especially if you're new especially if you're not even consistent yet. Like if you're all over the place like you're praying this. Then disappearing in gold and then Commodities it's like, how do you expect to how do you speak your mind to process one? Consistently, right? How do you expect to know in the master of hair?

 If you're treating this pair but then you're switching to the opposite type of pear write each parent moves differently. So one parent moves smooth one pair may move ugly, right, you know chopping everything like that. You can expect yourself to really be consistent. If you're not mastering, you know, a certain pair how it moves right? So my big deal with that is trying to make sure that your master One Max to Paris and you got to eat I'll be making another video on how to determine which pair will be best for you. 

2. Trade higher time frames

That's a big thing trade higher time frames. Stop trading these small, you know, 5-minute time frames 1-minute time frames and makes no sense to me. Why somebody especially somebody knew what you want to see all that noise why you're seeing all that noise if you're going smaller time frames you sing all the that you shouldn't, you know, 

you shouldn't put yourself through so, you know, I don't really have too much to stay on tip number to its self-explanatory trade higher time frames. Learn the higher time frames and that'll ultimately, you know result in better success for you.

 3.  focus on being consistent and correct 

focus on being consistent and correct first before you start worrying about money.

A lot of people put like things in their head where you know, if I cash this money put someone to make this much money, but you haven't even learned how to trade yet feel like you're thinking about money way too soon you're thinking about money before you even know how to how to analyze so the big thing is guys make sure that you're learning analyze learn how to move like how the

 the market moves before you try to think about how much money you're going to make off each move because, at the end of the day, I've been thinking about the money you're going to over-leveraged you're going to end up putting so much volume on a trade that you don't even know how to analyze right?

 So learn how to analyze first before you end up blowing your account trying to think about the money first because you're going to do if I put this much lot. I'm going to be able to make this money and you don't mind making money is the ultimate goal, right? But at the end of the day learning how to analyze the market correctly is the most important thing because if you can do that consistently over a. Of time.

Then you can start, you know, seeing the fruits of your labor, you know, like consistently profiting consistently learning consistently being right will ultimately bring you the money.